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Qui-Gon Jinn and Obiwan Kenobi, a master and a padawan that I greatly admire. "It is a hard life..." and a padawan has much to learn to prepare for his/her destiny.
One Goal...
When I Saw The Phantom Menace and fell in love with the Jedi garb I wanted to make some of my own. After searching the web I realized that there was little information about making your own Jedi garb. I started talking with other fans who also wanted to make their own Jedi garb and in time I collected a lot of great information. I decided to make this page and post the information that I came across so that others with an interest in Jedi costuming could benefit. That is the goal and purpose of this page. I feel that I have reached that goal. I want to thank everyone who contributed and helped to make this page possible and also thank everyone for all of the pics that they have sent to me of the garb they made assisted in part by this page. I've learned much and had a lot of fun along the way. Take care and MTFBWY!
Where did I get my information?
The info presented here is the result of many fans who have watched, studied, obsessed, and discussed the costumes with other fans. I have also benefited from the information provided by professional costumers who have researched the costumes for clients. The info here is as accurate as observation, research and experience will allow. A special thanks to Rich Fairbrother (Mookie), MaulWalker, WiliQueen, Ping, Obiwannabe, JK2 Costumers, Got Maul and QuiGonSean, Capt'n Ron, Claude, MJF and everyone else who agonized over, obsessed about, and sweated the costume details.
Update: Due to the changes in web space provider services I have found it necessary to streamline and reduce the size of my web page. There are many wonderful places on the web that focus on props and other areas of SW costuming. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'll just focus on Jedi garb and also invite you to visit the Rebel Legion ! I am proud to be a member of the Rebel Legion and there you will find many of the people who contributed the information found here at my site.
Please remember that when it comes to costuming and sewing I am most definitely a padawan learner and by no means a professional but I have tried to present the info here as accurately and as coherently as possible. When using the patterns here, remember to measure carefully and use common sense since there will always be a certain amount of individualized modification needed.

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Legal Stuff
To Mr. Lucas and his bombad lawyers:
Muy muy mesa love you. Mesa Amber Padawan Learner. Mesa your humble fan. Dis disclaimer my write here. Demanded by the legal guds it tis. Yousa own the Maxi big Star Wars. Mine love Star Wars datsa why mesa make dis page. Mesa make without permission but crunchin' is the last thing mesa be wanting. Okie-day?
Star Wars, in it's many forms and entirity, belongs to George Lucas and this site is in not affiliated with Mr. Lucas in any way. The info, images, etc. here are used without permission, but are used as a result of my admiration of Mr. Lucas and my love of his creation. This site is non-profit and for entertainment purposes only, so please don't sue me Mr. Lucas. I DO NOT sell any props or garb. I just want to dress like a Jedi and have my own lightsaber. Other than that and my tendency to speak Gungan on occasion I'm harmless, I promise.