Jedi Tunic and Inner Tunics

There are several alternatives for making a Jedi Tunic. If you wish to use a commercial pattern, Simplicity 8311 is a good choice. The only real modifications necessary would be lengthening the sleeves.
If you do not wish to sew then you can purchase a Karate Gi to use as a tunic. It is not exact but it is close.
Using the Karate Gi for a pattern and making small modifications is another option. That is the basis for the pattern below. This pattern has been revised to reflect some suggestions made by "Got Maul". Hopefully it is a bit more accurate.
If you are using a Gi in your size then measure it, if not then use the measurements below
Remember to add 1/2" for seam allowance and hems
Be sure to add enough around the hips so it will fit well as a Jedi tunic is not open at the bottom of each side like a Karate Gi
A = top of hand to top of hand
B = top of shoulder to mid thigh or desired length
C = measure hips at widest point and then add 3-4" for a loose fit.
D = 18" at the shoulder then flaring out until 21" at the wrist
Step 1 - sew the two front panels to the back piece
Step 2 - fold the sleeves in half and then find the center then attach each sleeve's center point to the shoulder seam (where the front and back piece meet)
Step 3 - sew under arms and down the sides of the tunic
Step 4 - now take the trim piece and fold it in half down the entire length using an iron to crease. Folding in the raw edges of the trim fold it over the front panel piece and pin it in place. Once it is pinned securely on both front panels and the neck portion of the back piece, sew it into place. Hem the sleeves bottom of the tunic.
Obi-Wan's Garb Details
I received an great email from Claude Marcotte pointing out a couple of details about Obi-Wan's Tunic. Here's the info... "The outer tunic has a lining on the inside. It allows the outer tunic's sleeves to move about freely (otherwise the two fabrics will stick). At a minimum, just line the sleeves." "The outer tunic has a fold in the top of the shoulder...The outer tunic has a lining on the inside. It allows the outer tunic's sleeves to move about freely (otherwise the two fabrics will stick). At a minimum, just line the sleeves."
An email I recieved from Lynn Duffield concerning Obi-Wan's tunic details. "With 35+ years of sewing under my belt, I am afraid I have to disagree with Claude Marcotte about Obi-Wan's tunic sleeves being lined. In the pictures I have seen, you can clearly see the sleeve hem on the outside of his sleeve. Traditionally, you would see a lined sleeve like that on a suit jacket or coat. In tailoring, the right side of the lining is attached to the right side of the sleeve material and the sleeve is pressed up along the hem line enclosing the seam. If you notice, the lining material seems to be a bit longer than it needs to be where it is attached to the sleeve material. This is ease and allows you to move without ripping out the lining. However, you don't see a hem on the exterior of your coat or jacket sleeve. I suppose you could turn the sleeve fabric up and hand hem it to the lining material to achieve the same effect, but in the pictures I have seen seem to show the sleeve hem clearly on the exterior of Obi-Wan's sleeve. This would mean that you are stitching through both the lining material and the sleeve material. This also means that you have lost the ease in the lining. But here is another question. In the attached picture are Obi-Wan's sleeves stuck to his undertunic or did the costumers put a tuck there too? "Help, my sleeves are too long!" "We don't have time to re-hem them. We'll just take up a little fabric..." Of course it is always possible that there are two versions of the tunic - one lined, the other not - depending on what was being filmed....."
Jedi Inner Tunic
Although we never get a good look at the inner tunic, from the wrap of the neck line, we can assume that it is based on the same pattern as the outer tunic. The only difference seems to be in the sleeves. The inner tunic appears to have longer, more fitted sleeves that bunch up at the wrist. To make the sleeve modifications to your tunic pattern, measure your fist, and make the sleeve at least that wide. Afterall you want it to be close fitting but you will need it wide enough to fit your hand through. Also lengthen the sleeve so that it will scrunch up a bit at the wrist.
"... I noticed a difference other than sleeves on the inner tunic. Not only are the sleeves different, but the "Trim" around the neck and front is smaller than the outter. On the inner it appears to be 1" where on the outter it seems to be 1 1/2" - QuiGonSean
Here are a couple of pics that show the sleeve of the inner tunic.
The inner tunic seems to be made out of a lighter weight material. For Obi-Wan I would recommend using a light weight linen or a muslin. For Qui-Gon I would recommend rawsilk or silk noil. Use whatever fabric works for you but try to stay away from synthetic blends.
Synthetic fabric = Sauna!