Jedi Pants

Again, if you do not wish to sew, the pants of a karate gi work out OK. I know others have found pants off the rack that work well. If you do wish to try to make some however the above pattern should give you some idea of what you are in for.

Jedi Belt
This is Obi-Wan's belt. Qui-Gon's is simular but has a different buckle and is darker I believe. Since I've been studying the Obi-Wan outfit I don't have any info on Qui's belt.
Obi-Wan's Belt Diagram
submitted by Dan "Obi-Dan Kenobi" Lynch "I am creating an Obi-Wan Kenobi costume for Hallowe'en this year, and I've noticed that not much attention has been given on any costume site to the arrangement of pouches and other such things on the belt. - From the trailer and other such sources of information, I have produced the attached diagram of Obi-Wan's belt. It's a view from above, with the top being the front. Does the picture look right to you? I had to make a few assumptions here and there, but it seems to fit all the evidence in the trailer. If you think this information would be useful to the readers of your site, please post it."
More Info from Mara Jade's Father from the SW replica Props Discussion Board
".....I currently have the old 2" belt from JK2 which they have now changed to 2.5" I asked them if they knew that for sure and they said yes. I can't offer you much more on that. They stay fairly secretive because they do a lot of props for TV and movies. Anyways let me share this info. I have my capsules on my 2" belt, the capsule is 2 3/8" from the top of the silver clip to the bottom. When you place it on your belt, you can not shove it all the way down or else it will point outward. With it pushed all the way down as far as it will go and still be against the belt, only 1/8" sticks out beyond the the bottom edge of the belt. If the belt were 3" wide, the gap would be 7/8." "......JK2 used to make their belts with items found at the Tandy website. They now make them the proper 2.5" with a detailed front buckle. The old way was 2". This would be easier for you since Tandy sells them precut at that width. If you are willing to buy a piece of leather and cut it 2.5" then you can alter the instructions."
With that in mind.......
Here are some ideas for making a Jedi Utility Belt
Info taken from Mara Jade's Father's post to QuiGonSean on the SW Replicas Discusion Board
(Materials from Tandy Leather Company,
Large rectangular buckle blank #168800 $1.99 (this is to hook it in the back)
natural cowhide belt blanks 2" #451800 $13.49 (these already have the snaps for your buckle)
natural cowhide strips (mine is 1" but if you look at the actual belt it looks like it should be 3/4" also a guy who I have talked to about this said that the front buckle which has not been made for decades is for a 3/4") 3/4" 44" #448600 $3.49 (It comes in 60" too but since the belt is 44" you should not need any more.
Rivets (I think you need long) nickle 40pk \line #1275 $2.69
rivet settet #810000 $1.49 or rivet setter kit 100 assorted size nickel rivets with setter #127900 $6.49
Dyes; I don't know exactly which one to pick I will leave it up to you. Mine is dyed dark but they also have a antique finishing in dark brown which I would use if i were to make one, which I might, to get it to look like Obi wan's. It says it is a finish and it does have different colors so I guess you do not have to dye it first, and this would take its place as a dye. 4oz #1980 $4.49
Belt Keeper 2" #471004 $.49 You will have to put the notch holes in yourself and cut the length of the belt to fit you. So you might have something at home to do that or you might want to by something. Remember that with the layers of robe, the obi, and the stole tucked in, you are going to need some extra length than usual. JK2 used a cumberbun buckle for the front. It has a good effect, and it will get you by until someone makes something else. Ask for it at a fabric store, they are cheap. Thats all the pieces. I won't go into how to put it together because I have not built one but it should be simple.

Jedi Belt Pouches
Here is some fan made pouches that look very good and are made from readily available materials... Great Job!
Jedi Pouches made by Brian M.
"Okay, here are some shots of the improvised belt pouches I made. Each was made from about 1 sq ft of vinyl, two wood screws, a small bolt & nut (for the clip), a belt clip (taken from a winding keychain from a dollar store), two leather rivets, a portable soap dish (bought at Wal-mart near the travel size shampoos), and a little duct tape to hold things in place while I assembled it. The design should be fairly self evident, but you will need to cut some groves in the interior portion of the soap container corners so that it will close tighter than it was designed to do. I have no sewing machine, nor the patients to do it by hand so the leather (vinyl) corners are actually stapled together :-). Hope someone finds it useful."

Jedi Boots
Jedi boots look like East German Riding Boots but to purchase those can be quite expensive. If it is within your budget, great. If not here are a couple of alternatives for you.
Check out the great Jedi boot turorial by Terry Hamel
Check out Ebay. With enough time and patients you can get a very good deal on riding boots. I was fortunate enough to pick up a pair of 16" brown riding style boots for $21 including the s+h. If the force is with you you might be able to find some boots in a thrift or consignment shop. Save money and recycle, and all good Jedi recycle. This option is not very reliable though.

Here is probably my favorite option. Visit Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy and look in the boot section. I think this is a great approach.